Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 103 - awknowledging the unknowing...

April 13,

Do you ever have those serendipitous moments that make you FULLY grasp that there is ALWAYS something bigger going on than what you can see in the present moment?

Today's RAK has to do with acknowledging one of those such moments with the oblivious orchestrator...  And letting her know that even in her unknowing... she did something very very profound. 

Due to the personal nature of this one, I don't wish to share many details...

In short, a conversation was forced between two people who might not have otherwise reconnected after a couple of years of no communication... and it was all done by chance...



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 102 - Kindness for a Kindness

April 12

The wife does not typically work on Fridays, but on this day she was in to meet some deadlines.  Conveniently on this day there were some coworkers heading to the local Brewhouse for a beer after work (tell me she didn't plan that right).  So we worked till we were done what needed to be done and then headed over to join those who were already into their lunch and beers.  Of course arriving later meant that the table was already pretty full, but we pulled over some chairs and squished in at the end and ordered a beer.

Kindness Received; at the table next too us say two other guys who were also enjoying their Friday afternoon beers.  Upon noticing our situation these two generously offered to move to another small table across the bar so that we could pull their table over and have more room with our group.  Such a great move, and we were so grateful to them.

Kindness Returned; this kindness needed to be returned, thanks was just not enough. So when the waitress returned we asked her to take a round to the other table on us.  She went over and let them know we were buying a round and they were surprised and elated.

RAK 102 is about recognizing kindness, receiving kindness, and returning kindness.  


RAK 101 -Flowers?

April 11

I know that I have mentioned that I work in an office FULL of men...  haha Poor me right?!

This day I was in our weekly technical meeting and one team member was noticeably absent.  I knew he would be away, because the day before I was chatting with him and he mentioned he needed to go in for some emergency surgery.

When I mentioned the surgery to the fellas in the technical meeting this morning, none of them seemed to know anything about it.

I work for a very small company... one of the ones that still sends flowers to hospitals for things such as this... So I got thinking... If THEY don't know, then I suspect the person who arranges the flowers likely hadn't been alerted either.

I chatted to a few of the right people, and they got all the proper approvals and the flowers were sent...

I hope they brightened his spirits...!



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters family

RAK 100 - She IS precious

April 10

Through my online connections I have met a lovely girl named Brandi.  Brandi, and many others like her are completely committed to ending Human Trafficking through the She's Worth It organization.

Our RAK 90 (click here) was a small part of helping fund the trip she is on right now...

I have been following her journey on Facebook, and have shed many a tear reading her posts and watching her videos as she goes around to brothels is Cambodia, Thailand and then India.

As a mom, when I watched this video...  I had to put my head down on my desk and weep...

For today's RAK I shared Brandi's video's on Facebook, and talked to so many people about the atrocities that are presently going on in such places.

Awareness is key.  Please spread the word.  This must stop.  In our country, this is rape.

She's Worth It



On Behalf of The Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 99 - Mom Pact

April 9

When we committed to doing this 365 days of Random Acts of Kindness... I new it would be a challenge...  Not only to keep it up, but also to so openly share much of our day to day lives...

It is important to me that anyone who reads these posts knows that, although it is my desire to share the good stuff with you, we are still living life over here, and the crappy stuff still comes up.

I have teenagers in the house, and with that comes teenage problems and concerns...  Anyone who has parented teens can relate I am sure.

We have a rule in our house that allows our kids to ask for 60 seconds.  During that 60 seconds they are allowed to say anything... confess anything... and not be disciplined for what they are confessing.  We will surely talk about their confession, but, as parents, we are not at liberty to ground them or take things away because of what they have confessed.

When/if we find out something that they did, and chose to not take their 60 seconds to confess before we found it out, then they face the wrath of the Super Angry Parents...

Also...  we live in a small town, and we know lots of people in it... so, there is always a pretty good chance that we will find out things...

On this day and over the course of the last few days - I made a 'Mom Pact' with several Mom's of my children's friends.  It's an "If you were ever in doubt, don't be because I want to know" sort of thing...

If we keep the kids talking, and the mom's talking...  we may just have a chance at getting through this in tact.



On behalf of The Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 98 - Happy Stacey Day!

April 8

Today is Stacey Day!  :)  On this day - 29 years ago .. or so :) this world became a much brighter place because Stacey was brought into it.

Unfortunately our paths would not cross until a decade and a half later... but cross they did.  We went to high school together, later became college room mates and have been the best of friends ever since.

Our apartment just off Whyte Ave, with the green bathtub and the strange landlord, would be the birthplace of a beautiful friendship that started out with late night conversations over strawberry tea and dill pickle popcorn...

... and evolved into what we share today.  She is truly the sister I never had...

There are four of us that have remained so very close since we graduated from High School...  and Everyday I wake up feeling so grateful I came to know these amazing women.

We have grown up together,  we learned about life together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, and we have laughed so hard we cried together...  We were friends before careers, marriage, and motherhood...

Geography and life makes it so we can't see each other every day, but when we get together, it is like we were never apart.

then (hehe)

now <3

The past few months have really tested Stacey's courageous and beautiful spirit... In ways no one can imagine unless they have been tested in the same manner.

Today's RAK is in compete celebration of her...

made for her - with so much love

I chose the word 'grace' as that is exactly how she maneuvers herself through this life, no matter what lies in her path.  She completely exemplifies all that that word suggests... and so much more.

I love you so much dear girl... and may this lap around the sun be filled only with peace.

Forever <3


On behalf of the Kornel/Peter's Family

RAK 97 - I got your back...

April 7

I think sometimes in life maybe when we are having a bad day, or a bad couple of days, a bad week, or perhaps even a longer stint of 'bad' or discomfort...

We wonder
What the heck does this mean?
Why is this happening?
What am I to learn?
and the biggy... What is MY purpose in all of this?

Depending on our perspective, sometimes it is hard to see the 'good' or the lesson, and if you can't see the 'good' or the lesson, then it is really hard to see your purpose in it...  I am a huge purveyor of the idea that if you can change your perspective, you can change everything... without changing anything at all in the physical realm.  It's more than just 'Look on the bright side' ... It's 'Look FOR the bright side.'  Always.

It's refusing to feel shame, and refusing to hide, and refusing to be defeated... It's shining light in dark places, and gently cleaning up what is there and not hiding it.  Only yucky things can grow in dark places.  It's about loving yourself... ALL parts of yourself... the strong parts, and the weak parts, and realizing that ALL those parts valuable and essential to who you are, they make you YOU.  It's saying "this is me, I like me, accept me as I am, or don't, but this is me. I won't change that just to see you smile."  It's about blocking out the lies you have been telling yourself forever, and living completely in your own truth.

Sure, great words... fantastic idea...  but REALLY hard to do... and sometimes it can be alot of freakin work...

The events of this day forced a perspective change... and I caught a glimpse of my purpose in a set of less than ideal circumstances...  Circumstances that - had they not been so - I would not have been in the right place, at the right time today...

For today's RAK I was able to tell a child - who wasn't my own - that I had his back... and then really prove it.  I was later then able to reiterate to him that I would always have his back...

He needed to know that.

It lead me to say out loud... "Ok, I get it."

Always learning.



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family


RAK 96 - Truth card exchange

April 6

What person couldn't use a few words of encouragement? In my online art community, we are often exchanging small piece of our original art that contain words of encouragement.  We refer to them as 'Truth Cards', and these cards are meant to be kept on hand to read when you need a little reminder of what is true, what isn't, what matters, and what really doesn't.

For those who don't really know what a 'truth card' is, here are some examples ...

For today's RAK, I ignored the fact that I am so busy with work and kids... I answered the call to send out encouraging words to others and signed up to be a part of a Truth Card exchange.

I will be mailing my cards out to some other Brave Girl on the list... and it will be another way this group of like minded women to connect and love each other from afar.

And getting the envelopes in the mail is SO exciting!



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

RAK 95 - Stand up to a Facebook Bully

April 5

Ahhhh...  Friday...  My day off.  I haven't been taking them due to the fact that work has been so busy, and I have too much to do...  But this Friday, I took off.

I was doing my normal Facebook skim in the morning while drinking my coffee... and a post caught my eye... I totally did the double take, and scrolled back to the post to see if my eyes had mistaken me.

They didn't.

Even though I am not normally one to speak up, this day I stood up to an adult who was blatantly bullying a child right there on Facebook.

Please people...

  • NEVER post pictures of other people's children on your Facebook wall ...  You might be fine with putting your children's pictures up, but not everyone is.
  • Never use FB as a place to express your grievances.  Pick up the phone, or better yet ... If you don't have anything nice to say, then just say nothing.
  • Be respectful...  Treat other people how you want to be treated - and treat their kids how you would want them to treat yours. No exceptions.
I strongly believe that in order to stop bullying, parents have to be willing to set a better example for their kids... in person and in the cyber world...

Making fun of people is not cool, and doing it in front of your kids is just a whole bunch of wrong.

Thinking about this event gets me all riled up, but today I am reminding myself to live by my own words...  

...Just love...  

...and that HAS to mean even loving the bully's...

Loving them so they can heal from whatever it is that makes them want to hurt others.

Deep breath.

Always learning;


On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 94 - The Walking Dead for you...

April 4

If you spend much time with our family, it doesn't take long to notice that many of the members are Zombie crazed.  Many of our dinner conversations turn to Zombie Apocalypse Survival strategies ... and that's about when I tune out.

I am the one who flat out refuses to watch any scary movies.  I have been known to walk out of movie theaters, or leave the couch in the credits when my conviction is waned and I allow myself to be convinced to 'just try watching this one'.

When I suggested one day - trying to contribute to the Zombie Apocalypse conversation - that I wasn't sure I could bring myself to defeat a zombie with a stake through the heart...  I was ALMOST kicked out of my family...  (apparently that's a vampire thing .. who knew?!) 

In that moment I was flat out warned by Jeremy ... in the most loving way possible I am sure... "In the Zombie Apocalypse it is every man for himself, don't expect me to save your a$$ because your refusal to watch scary movies leaves you uneducated." (jerk - and I too mean that in a loving way ;) ) - oi, just feed me to the zombies already....

Then came The Walking Dead -

We caught the first episode by fluke...  He saw Zombies and stopped flipping channels... I protested at first... but then kinda got hooked...  I found myself liking the characters through covered eyes and cringes, and was rooting for them to survive in this scary new world..

For today's RAK I went to Chapters online and ordered The Compendium of The Walking Dead graphic novels that was missing from Jeremy's collection. Then to get free shipping I added a copy of 'The Rise of the Governor".  :)

All joking aside ... I am married to this amazing guy who loves and supports my every endeavor, who is my biggest cheerleader in life, and who completely sees and respects my heart.  He is an amazing father, a fantastic cook... and he brings me coffee in bed every. single. morning.  I am married to him... but I still get to be me.  Every day I open my eyes feeling grateful that I get to be his wife.  This token of my affection was very small...  but I know it meant alot to him.

... and secretly I am kinda hoping he will change his mind about the 'saving my a$$' thing.

Hehe <3


On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 93 - Silk Painting and Moroccan... Count me in!

April 3

The female members of the K-P family are all deeply n love with getting their hands dirty with a little acrylic paint...  We have created a space in our basement that is called our 'Art Room'.  It is where we celebrate 'ish' art (Thanks Peter Reynolds), and spend much time down there just being together.  Peace lives there.

In all the art classes I have taken, I can honestly say I have never heard of silk painting...  When I heard about a class being offered, and that it was of something I had never even heard about before, I was instantly 'in.'. 

To top it off, the hosting venue as also offering a three course Moroccan meal...  Something else I had never tried, I said "heck ya!"

Expressionz Cafe! AWESOME!!

It was a little late on a school night to bring my wee ones... so I called my mom, and she accepted!  Ladies night out it is!  Then my coworker/friend also stepped up to say she would like to come, so - table for three please!

We ate dinner, drank wine, chatted alot, and painted on silk! and it was awesome!

the finished products by us and our classmates...!

 Today's RAK is about taking my mom out on a last minute and impromptu laddie's night, and supporting a program in a cafe that completely supports the arts.



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters family

and we encourage you to check out Expressions Cafe!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RAK 92 - Let Them Eat Cake ... er bunny

April 2

Phew first day back at school following spring break and Easter !  Which means of course two little girls begging me to put Easter chocolates in their school lunches, to which I have to say no, then listen to the complaining and whining.  But that is part of parenting ... right.

hmmm well I guess I could be extra kind and sneak some into their lunch bags for them :)  So that is today's RAK, I put some chocolate into the girls lunch kits to surprise them at lunch.  Enjoy girls !!

PS. It is Nana and Papa's anniversary today, Happy Anniversary !!!!

RAK 91 - Hehe... you April Fools...

April 1

So what kid doesn't love this day? 

Oh my gosh.... I have visions of children everywhere planning and scheming up practical jokes galore to play on their parents...  because they know this might be THE ONLY day of the year they will get away with it...

Other kids do that too right?? ... Not just mine??..

Well this day started off a little different than usual...  I woke up first (I KNOW... hard to believe right?! - that's not even an April Fools joke) ... anyway... I woke up first and went down to make coffee...  (uh -huh... that's what I said... I went down to make coffee... after 13 years of him making it, I figured it was my turn ... :) )

So my early rising girls were as shocked as the next guy that I was up first, and they come clambering into the kitchen...  "NO MOM... DO NOT turn on the tap!"  I was all confused, because I hadn't yet realized it was April Fools day, I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about.  Then I spotted it...

That elastic holding down the button on the sink sprayer - with the sink sprayer pointed right at me... and my hand positioned ready to turn on the tap.

"OH...!"  I said... and worked around their little trap and took the coffees upstairs. - Thinking to myself 'RAK complete for the day'...

For the next little while... I sat in my room and giggled as every boy in our house fell victim to the girls prank ... Every boy in our house squealed in surprise at their involuntary and unwanted kitchen shower!  Every. Single. One.

Girl Power.



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family...


Just as an aside...  here is an awesome prank by my boys caught on tape.. this was on fathers day...  the little brats...

Is it wrong that I giggle hysterically whenever I watch this??

RAK 90 - She IS worth it.

March 31

It still shocks me to know that sex slavery still exists in this world... That every day, so many women are being bought and sold in the sex trafficking industry.

As a mother of three daughters, who are about the age when, if we lived in a different geographic region... There lives would look VERY different than they do right now.

The only thing that makes those girls different than mine - me different than their mothers - is geography...

Every girl deserves to know that they alone are worth - whatever it takes- to make this stop.

Click here to get yours!

I am not naive enough to think that simply buying a necklace is going to change the world.  But I am smart enough to know that talking about it, and bringing awareness to this issue is where the changes need to start.

Today I bought this beautiful necklace with hopes that in some small way it has made a bit of a difference...

Yours loudly,


On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family.

RAK 89 - rest in peace sweet Aunty.

March 30

Today we witnessed the very real and heartfelt display of love, gratitude and adoration for a wife, mom, grandma, great grandma, sister, aunt, and friend. Today we gathered to celebrate the beautiful life of my Aunty Helen Rachar. 

We laughed and we cried through tributes given by her children, her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, her friends and her Pastor. We heard how she loved to laugh, how she easily forgave, how she was never too busy, and how she lived for her family.

We sat and listened as my Uncle Lloyd - who always told a really great story - read to us the last love letter he would ever write to his beloved. He shared his heart with us, he told us how he was "hopelessly and helplessly
 captivated by her beautiful blue eyes, her little turned up nose, her pigtail braids and her many other charms." He loved her - completely - for nearly 80 years.

We caught a glimpse of their lega
cy... That was deeply rooted in my Uncle Lloyd's proclamation "the best thing we can do for our children is love their mother." - and that he did.

Today, we witnessed a REAL love story. The real deal. Love in its truest and purest form. For that, I am grateful.

I know she was looking down from heaven with her heart swelling with pride at all that she created here on earth.

Rest in peace sweet Aunty.

After the service was over, I went to sit with my Uncle a little before we had to leave...  He never had her photo to far away...  He would stop in mid sentence and say "Oh look, is there any wonder why I loved her, she looks just like a movie star."

Today's Random Act of kindness is about being completely present in that moment...  It is about directing 100% of my attention towards someone who had some very important things to share - his heart... and knowing that in that moment...  absolutely nothing else mattered.  It's about not really caring if 'that' tear is the one that will mess up your mascara, or if the lap full of kleenex will leave lint on your black dress...  It's about saying 'I love you' and 'I am so so sorry for your loss'... not just with your mouth, but with your heart.  It is about sitting there and holding his hand and not being the first to let go...

As her lovely granddaughter said at the service... 
"Dr. Suess tells us ~ Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened ~ Yeah right Dr. Suess... I am pretty sure we are going cry because it is over... For a little while anyway..."



On behalf of The Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 88 - Melody's Boots

March 29

This day was a good day...

It was Dahlia House Auction Day...  (click here) and there was LOTS of good stuff up for grabs...!  - Yes I was the successful bidder on a few items ... so I was happy about that... but that is not all that made this day good...

I was brought into a Facebook conversation that was full of many many brave girls - all united for one purpose... To pool our money together, and bid on Melody's Boots, and then gift them back to her. - We had agreed if we get the boots for less than what we raise - we will donate the surplus to the Dahlia House... and if we ended up not being the highest bidder, we will donate all of our funds raised back to the Dahlia House.

Someone stepped up and agreed to take charge of receiving the money, and then the donations started to pour in.  We were adding Brave Girl Friend after Brave Girl Friend into this conversation... and everyone was a buzz.  We almost crashed Facebook with our high volumes of chatter...  We finally had to move the conversation over to a 'group' so Facebook would stop giving us warning messages...

In all of it, something beautiful was happening...  We were all connecting...  I was meeting so many new Brave Girls that I had never met before... and it was awesome!

We ended up raising around $5000 for the boots, and felt so excited for the auction so we could set our plan in motion. We SO badly wanted to give our beloved Melody those boots ... to do something nice for someone who so selflessly does so much for others.

We headed into the auction with a plan, and a goal..  We watched all day as we drove the bid up for the boots...  In the end, their was an anonymous bidder that would win the boots by out bidding us in the last few minutes of the auction.  We did not get the boots, but we walked away with something WAY more...  A huge huge lovefest right there on Facebook...

A perfect example of what being a Brave Girl means...

Melody's late night Facebook Status...  In the middle of the night...they dream of a million kites...flying high above the sadness on the the middle of the night we try and try with all our light a little light down here....................... ♥ we did it, girls. ALL OF US, TOGETHER. I LOVE YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!!!!

Today's RAK is my purchasing of various auction items, my donation to the boot fund, my involvement with setting up the Facebook group, and just overall being a small part of this huge Brave Girl Movement!

With Love


on Behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend you strength to that which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And you shall lead a live uncommon
 Life Uncommon by Jewel

Update: Melody blogged about how she found out about what we did...  read her words here... Such an amazing story...

Also...  After being contacted by multiple Brave Girls - Melody's story reached its way up to Old Gringo himself, and he sent her a brand new pair of her favorite style of boot... Now THAT is pretty great... there website, and their Facebook Page...

RAK 87 - Spread the word about the Dahlia house Auction

March 28

I know we have mentioned the Dahlia House before in a previous post (click here to read.)

The Brave Girls Club, together with Full Circle Exchange, and She is Worth It have been trying to raise enough money to help Wipe Every Tear purchase a house in Manilla - Dahlia house - so it can be used for a safe house - to help women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Here is a video explaining more:

They are in the eleventh hour of their fundraising, and are finding themselves short of their goal.  They are hosting an online auction.  Melody herself has put up for auction - her most prized possession...  Her Old Gringo's.

Read about it here

 For Today's RAK, I promoted this online auction, and encouraged so many people to have a look at the items that will be up for sale...  and then to be part of the bidding once the auction started.

 The money was going to a very worthwhile and worthy cause...  SHE IS worth it.

To donate - click here



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters family.

Update:  The Auction raised enough money to make the Dahlia House a reality!  Something for everyone to be SO proud of!

RAK 86 - Without Even Knowing It

March 27

It is spring break for the kids kids in Beaumont this week.  And today, and all week actually, the big brothers have been committing acts of kindness without even knowing it!  Which makes the acts even more amazing.  With Coreena and I both working this week, and busier that ever, the kids have been left to their own devices for their time off school.  This means breakfast and lunch on their own.  Finding activities to do, on their own.  Not burning down the house, on their own.  It is a lot to ask of them for sure.  But this week the boys have really stepped up and done a great job at not only keeping an eye on the girls, but actually playing with them things like Wii and other games, watching movies with them, and making sure they eat when they are supposed too.  I think there was a lot of laughter in our house this week.

So today's random act is truly random, and not even realized by those who were doing it.


RAK 85 - Remembering Our sweet Aunty Helen

March 26

Today was a sad sad day.

The warm and loving Rachar corner of heaven received it's newest member early in the morning as my Aunty Helen passed away peacefully while surrounded by so many of those who loved her most.

Times like these ALWAYS makes us go back in our minds and remember the times we shared.

The first memory that flooded back to me was the time, in 2010, when my Aunty Helen and Uncle Lloyd joined my family at our long time favorite camping place out by Nordegg - a place called Chungo Creek.  We call it Chungo for short.

My family has spent many a night sleeping in tents out by the old trapper's cabin on the bank of the creek - about 5-6 miles away from the nearest road - quads being the only way in, and the only way out...

As we became softer in our older ages... we would camp in campers just off the nearest road, and ride quads in and spend the day fishing in the best spots along the creek that we had come to know so well over the years, and seeing some of Alberta most beautiful and untouched terrain.

Chungo was my brothers MOST favorite place.  No one could maneuver the muskeg on a quad with a trailer full of camping supplies quite like him.  He knew every fishing hole along that creek, and had a funny fish story to go along with each one.  Chungo is where he was most peaceful, it is where he thrived.

When My brother passed in 2000, we created a monument there in his honor.

 Wes was also very special to Lloyd and Helen.  He lived with them for a time while he was working and going to school in the town by where they lived.  They really wanted to go in and see this special place.

 They both hopped on quads and prepared to travel for over an hour on rough terrain, and through 12 creek crossings to get to where we needed to go

little did we know at this pint that my dad's quad would stall in 5 of the deepest creek crossings.

 After the 12th crossing, we climbed the bank of the creek, and you could finally see Wes's rock.

We quadded up as close as we could, and then Aunty decided that since she travelled all that way, she better manouever down the hill to see it right close up.

After spending some quiet time with them at the rock, we quadded a short distance across the meadow to the trappers cabin...  We had to share the whole experience. :)

Today's random act was to openly share and honor these memories.

Memories of how these two amazing and adventurous people hopped on the back of a quad, in their eighties, to share in something so special to our family.  They had heard about what we had done out there, and they were determined to see it.  Once they set their mind, there was no stalled quad, no bumpy road, no deep creek, no down pouring of rain, and no steep inclines that were going to stop them.

I get a lump in my throat as I type.  I don't know if there is any way I could possibly express how MUCH this meant to us.

Dear sweet Aunty Helen thank you for your kind and thoughtful ways, your generous heart, and your adventurous spirit... you are SO greatly missed.  We love you...  Be sure to give my brother a hug from us all when you see him.



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family.


RAK 84 - Load lifted

March 25

A busy day in the K-P household. My first payday of the year since starting the bushiness and working on a contract basis.  So a day full of paying bills that were overdue, refilling the empty cupboards and fridge, and of course celebrating!  Our amazing kids have been great at not complaining (too much) about the lack of treats and the reduction in our restaurant meals.  So for RAK 84 we will take the family for a nice dinner to show appreciation for everyone's support over the past few months.

And once all are settled in bed for the night, a glass of wine with my beautiful and ever supportive wife in celebration.


RAK 83 - Pickup at the Airport.

March 24

The in-laws come home tonight from San Francisco, a late flight arriving after midnight.  They insisted that they would catch a cab home from the airport since it was such a late flight.  Well, no we can't have that.  So for today's Random act I will be picking them up at the airport unannounced.


UPDATE - The airport pickup was appreciated and Coreena even came along.  We had a lot of laughs just waiting in the airport for the flight to arrive. It was a great night. 

RAK 82 - how 'bout a little Facetime?

March 23

Today is my Dad's Birthday!

He works out of the country, so instead of coming straight home this time,  he and my Mom made plans to meet up in San Francisco for a very well deserved mini vacation to mark this occasion.

How does one communicate birthday wishes in this day and age... FaceTime of course!  Except he has never used it, and has NO clue at all that it even exists...  But, he does have an iPhone, so we are one step in the right direction...  Now ...  to just teach him how to use it... from afar... haha

Today's RAK involves several text messages on how to get him connected to the hotel WiFi... and then a few more on how to make a FaceTime call.  It took some time, lots of patience, a few giggles, and a couple of tries... but we got to see his face on his birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! <3



The Kornel/Peters Family

RAK 81 - I Hear You.

March 22

Today was a day FULL of meetings, mostly to deal with the Beaumont Blues festival related business.  Meetings with a couple potential sponsors to discuss the festival and how they can be a part of it.  I am very much all business when it comes to these types of situations, but today I made an extra effort to take the time and relate to those I met with on a more personal level.  Asking about their day and week, and REALLY listening to what they said ... hearing them.  Definitely something I need to be more aware of and do more often.

In addition to the running between meetings I took the time to bring my wife a coffee at work.  Again a small token of my appreciation for her, but it was well received.


UPDATE ... the efforts must have paid off, both sponsorship's came through with everything I had asked for !!!