Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RAK 88 - Melody's Boots

March 29

This day was a good day...

It was Dahlia House Auction Day...  (click here) and there was LOTS of good stuff up for grabs...!  - Yes I was the successful bidder on a few items ... so I was happy about that... but that is not all that made this day good...

I was brought into a Facebook conversation that was full of many many brave girls - all united for one purpose... To pool our money together, and bid on Melody's Boots, and then gift them back to her. - We had agreed if we get the boots for less than what we raise - we will donate the surplus to the Dahlia House... and if we ended up not being the highest bidder, we will donate all of our funds raised back to the Dahlia House.

Someone stepped up and agreed to take charge of receiving the money, and then the donations started to pour in.  We were adding Brave Girl Friend after Brave Girl Friend into this conversation... and everyone was a buzz.  We almost crashed Facebook with our high volumes of chatter...  We finally had to move the conversation over to a 'group' so Facebook would stop giving us warning messages...

In all of it, something beautiful was happening...  We were all connecting...  I was meeting so many new Brave Girls that I had never met before... and it was awesome!

We ended up raising around $5000 for the boots, and felt so excited for the auction so we could set our plan in motion. We SO badly wanted to give our beloved Melody those boots ... to do something nice for someone who so selflessly does so much for others.

We headed into the auction with a plan, and a goal..  We watched all day as we drove the bid up for the boots...  In the end, their was an anonymous bidder that would win the boots by out bidding us in the last few minutes of the auction.  We did not get the boots, but we walked away with something WAY more...  A huge huge lovefest right there on Facebook...

A perfect example of what being a Brave Girl means...

Melody's late night Facebook Status...  In the middle of the night...they dream of a million kites...flying high above the sadness on the the middle of the night we try and try with all our light a little light down here....................... ♥ we did it, girls. ALL OF US, TOGETHER. I LOVE YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!!!!

Today's RAK is my purchasing of various auction items, my donation to the boot fund, my involvement with setting up the Facebook group, and just overall being a small part of this huge Brave Girl Movement!

With Love


on Behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
No longer lend you strength to that which you wish to be free from
Fill your lives with love and bravery
And you shall lead a live uncommon
 Life Uncommon by Jewel

Update: Melody blogged about how she found out about what we did...  read her words here... Such an amazing story...

Also...  After being contacted by multiple Brave Girls - Melody's story reached its way up to Old Gringo himself, and he sent her a brand new pair of her favorite style of boot... Now THAT is pretty great... there website, and their Facebook Page...


  1. Beautiful, Coreena!!! You are filling so many lives with love and bravery. xoxoxo

  2. It WAS quite a day like none other! So glad to have been part of it, too. Thanks for the reminder and sharing this!

  3. A story that never gets old, and that never looses its power. How wonderful that you've shared it with even more people through you RAK post!

    Enjoy your 365 RAK year. Your family will be forever blessed by it!