Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 98 - Happy Stacey Day!

April 8

Today is Stacey Day!  :)  On this day - 29 years ago .. or so :) this world became a much brighter place because Stacey was brought into it.

Unfortunately our paths would not cross until a decade and a half later... but cross they did.  We went to high school together, later became college room mates and have been the best of friends ever since.

Our apartment just off Whyte Ave, with the green bathtub and the strange landlord, would be the birthplace of a beautiful friendship that started out with late night conversations over strawberry tea and dill pickle popcorn...

... and evolved into what we share today.  She is truly the sister I never had...

There are four of us that have remained so very close since we graduated from High School...  and Everyday I wake up feeling so grateful I came to know these amazing women.

We have grown up together,  we learned about life together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, and we have laughed so hard we cried together...  We were friends before careers, marriage, and motherhood...

Geography and life makes it so we can't see each other every day, but when we get together, it is like we were never apart.

then (hehe)

now <3

The past few months have really tested Stacey's courageous and beautiful spirit... In ways no one can imagine unless they have been tested in the same manner.

Today's RAK is in compete celebration of her...

made for her - with so much love

I chose the word 'grace' as that is exactly how she maneuvers herself through this life, no matter what lies in her path.  She completely exemplifies all that that word suggests... and so much more.

I love you so much dear girl... and may this lap around the sun be filled only with peace.

Forever <3


On behalf of the Kornel/Peter's Family

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