Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RAK 86 - Without Even Knowing It

March 27

It is spring break for the kids kids in Beaumont this week.  And today, and all week actually, the big brothers have been committing acts of kindness without even knowing it!  Which makes the acts even more amazing.  With Coreena and I both working this week, and busier that ever, the kids have been left to their own devices for their time off school.  This means breakfast and lunch on their own.  Finding activities to do, on their own.  Not burning down the house, on their own.  It is a lot to ask of them for sure.  But this week the boys have really stepped up and done a great job at not only keeping an eye on the girls, but actually playing with them things like Wii and other games, watching movies with them, and making sure they eat when they are supposed too.  I think there was a lot of laughter in our house this week.

So today's random act is truly random, and not even realized by those who were doing it.


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