Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 102 - Kindness for a Kindness

April 12

The wife does not typically work on Fridays, but on this day she was in to meet some deadlines.  Conveniently on this day there were some coworkers heading to the local Brewhouse for a beer after work (tell me she didn't plan that right).  So we worked till we were done what needed to be done and then headed over to join those who were already into their lunch and beers.  Of course arriving later meant that the table was already pretty full, but we pulled over some chairs and squished in at the end and ordered a beer.

Kindness Received; at the table next too us say two other guys who were also enjoying their Friday afternoon beers.  Upon noticing our situation these two generously offered to move to another small table across the bar so that we could pull their table over and have more room with our group.  Such a great move, and we were so grateful to them.

Kindness Returned; this kindness needed to be returned, thanks was just not enough. So when the waitress returned we asked her to take a round to the other table on us.  She went over and let them know we were buying a round and they were surprised and elated.

RAK 102 is about recognizing kindness, receiving kindness, and returning kindness.  


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