Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 101 -Flowers?

April 11

I know that I have mentioned that I work in an office FULL of men...  haha Poor me right?!

This day I was in our weekly technical meeting and one team member was noticeably absent.  I knew he would be away, because the day before I was chatting with him and he mentioned he needed to go in for some emergency surgery.

When I mentioned the surgery to the fellas in the technical meeting this morning, none of them seemed to know anything about it.

I work for a very small company... one of the ones that still sends flowers to hospitals for things such as this... So I got thinking... If THEY don't know, then I suspect the person who arranges the flowers likely hadn't been alerted either.

I chatted to a few of the right people, and they got all the proper approvals and the flowers were sent...

I hope they brightened his spirits...!



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters family

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