Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 97 - I got your back...

April 7

I think sometimes in life maybe when we are having a bad day, or a bad couple of days, a bad week, or perhaps even a longer stint of 'bad' or discomfort...

We wonder
What the heck does this mean?
Why is this happening?
What am I to learn?
and the biggy... What is MY purpose in all of this?

Depending on our perspective, sometimes it is hard to see the 'good' or the lesson, and if you can't see the 'good' or the lesson, then it is really hard to see your purpose in it...  I am a huge purveyor of the idea that if you can change your perspective, you can change everything... without changing anything at all in the physical realm.  It's more than just 'Look on the bright side' ... It's 'Look FOR the bright side.'  Always.

It's refusing to feel shame, and refusing to hide, and refusing to be defeated... It's shining light in dark places, and gently cleaning up what is there and not hiding it.  Only yucky things can grow in dark places.  It's about loving yourself... ALL parts of yourself... the strong parts, and the weak parts, and realizing that ALL those parts valuable and essential to who you are, they make you YOU.  It's saying "this is me, I like me, accept me as I am, or don't, but this is me. I won't change that just to see you smile."  It's about blocking out the lies you have been telling yourself forever, and living completely in your own truth.

Sure, great words... fantastic idea...  but REALLY hard to do... and sometimes it can be alot of freakin work...

The events of this day forced a perspective change... and I caught a glimpse of my purpose in a set of less than ideal circumstances...  Circumstances that - had they not been so - I would not have been in the right place, at the right time today...

For today's RAK I was able to tell a child - who wasn't my own - that I had his back... and then really prove it.  I was later then able to reiterate to him that I would always have his back...

He needed to know that.

It lead me to say out loud... "Ok, I get it."

Always learning.



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family


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  1. I think that child was one of the lucky ones. You are a bright light my friend, with shining words. x