Thursday, 2 May 2013

RAK 93 - Silk Painting and Moroccan... Count me in!

April 3

The female members of the K-P family are all deeply n love with getting their hands dirty with a little acrylic paint...  We have created a space in our basement that is called our 'Art Room'.  It is where we celebrate 'ish' art (Thanks Peter Reynolds), and spend much time down there just being together.  Peace lives there.

In all the art classes I have taken, I can honestly say I have never heard of silk painting...  When I heard about a class being offered, and that it was of something I had never even heard about before, I was instantly 'in.'. 

To top it off, the hosting venue as also offering a three course Moroccan meal...  Something else I had never tried, I said "heck ya!"

Expressionz Cafe! AWESOME!!

It was a little late on a school night to bring my wee ones... so I called my mom, and she accepted!  Ladies night out it is!  Then my coworker/friend also stepped up to say she would like to come, so - table for three please!

We ate dinner, drank wine, chatted alot, and painted on silk! and it was awesome!

the finished products by us and our classmates...!

 Today's RAK is about taking my mom out on a last minute and impromptu laddie's night, and supporting a program in a cafe that completely supports the arts.



On Behalf of the Kornel/Peters family

and we encourage you to check out Expressions Cafe!

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