Thursday, 2 May 2013

RAK 95 - Stand up to a Facebook Bully

April 5

Ahhhh...  Friday...  My day off.  I haven't been taking them due to the fact that work has been so busy, and I have too much to do...  But this Friday, I took off.

I was doing my normal Facebook skim in the morning while drinking my coffee... and a post caught my eye... I totally did the double take, and scrolled back to the post to see if my eyes had mistaken me.

They didn't.

Even though I am not normally one to speak up, this day I stood up to an adult who was blatantly bullying a child right there on Facebook.

Please people...

  • NEVER post pictures of other people's children on your Facebook wall ...  You might be fine with putting your children's pictures up, but not everyone is.
  • Never use FB as a place to express your grievances.  Pick up the phone, or better yet ... If you don't have anything nice to say, then just say nothing.
  • Be respectful...  Treat other people how you want to be treated - and treat their kids how you would want them to treat yours. No exceptions.
I strongly believe that in order to stop bullying, parents have to be willing to set a better example for their kids... in person and in the cyber world...

Making fun of people is not cool, and doing it in front of your kids is just a whole bunch of wrong.

Thinking about this event gets me all riled up, but today I am reminding myself to live by my own words...  

...Just love...  

...and that HAS to mean even loving the bully's...

Loving them so they can heal from whatever it is that makes them want to hurt others.

Deep breath.

Always learning;


On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

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