Friday, 3 May 2013

RAK 99 - Mom Pact

April 9

When we committed to doing this 365 days of Random Acts of Kindness... I new it would be a challenge...  Not only to keep it up, but also to so openly share much of our day to day lives...

It is important to me that anyone who reads these posts knows that, although it is my desire to share the good stuff with you, we are still living life over here, and the crappy stuff still comes up.

I have teenagers in the house, and with that comes teenage problems and concerns...  Anyone who has parented teens can relate I am sure.

We have a rule in our house that allows our kids to ask for 60 seconds.  During that 60 seconds they are allowed to say anything... confess anything... and not be disciplined for what they are confessing.  We will surely talk about their confession, but, as parents, we are not at liberty to ground them or take things away because of what they have confessed.

When/if we find out something that they did, and chose to not take their 60 seconds to confess before we found it out, then they face the wrath of the Super Angry Parents...

Also...  we live in a small town, and we know lots of people in it... so, there is always a pretty good chance that we will find out things...

On this day and over the course of the last few days - I made a 'Mom Pact' with several Mom's of my children's friends.  It's an "If you were ever in doubt, don't be because I want to know" sort of thing...

If we keep the kids talking, and the mom's talking...  we may just have a chance at getting through this in tact.



On behalf of The Kornel/Peters Family

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