Wednesday, 1 May 2013

RAK 82 - how 'bout a little Facetime?

March 23

Today is my Dad's Birthday!

He works out of the country, so instead of coming straight home this time,  he and my Mom made plans to meet up in San Francisco for a very well deserved mini vacation to mark this occasion.

How does one communicate birthday wishes in this day and age... FaceTime of course!  Except he has never used it, and has NO clue at all that it even exists...  But, he does have an iPhone, so we are one step in the right direction...  Now ...  to just teach him how to use it... from afar... haha

Today's RAK involves several text messages on how to get him connected to the hotel WiFi... and then a few more on how to make a FaceTime call.  It took some time, lots of patience, a few giggles, and a couple of tries... but we got to see his face on his birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! <3



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