Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 59 - Beers for Jam

February 28 - Beers for Jam

No not the sticky fruit stuff you put on toast, jam as in a bunch of musicians getting together in a basement to rock out some tunes !  So for this RAK I was meeting up with some guys to try out some tunes.  We had jammed once before, but it was essentially a new thing so we were all still feeling each other out.   Now as someone who enjoys the occasional adult beverage, I am always fond of a cold beer while playing some guitar, but  being a new group of people there is a hesitation because you don’t want to offend anyone and you don’t know if they drink or not.  It is silly really when you think about it :)

So for this jam I decided to just stop and grab a 6 pack and see how it went over.  Well it went over with flying colors J.  Broke the ice and everyone was relieved to have a cold beer since we were all secretly wondering the same thing. 

RAK, music and beer … perfect combination !

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