Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 62 - Baking for Nana

March 3 - One of the ways my mom expresses her love and devotion to the people around her is through her cooking.

If one of 'those' life even has occurred  and you perhaps don't feel much like cooking, my Mom is among the first at your door with a box of freezer friendly food she spent the day preparing.  You know it will be the best comfort food going, not only because she is a fantastic cook, but because you know she has prepared each dish with lots and lots of love.

There are times during super busy work weeks, I have come home to my house on more than one occasion to a fully prepared meal, all my laundry done, and my house spotless...  It is enough to set me on my butt racked with sobs of gratitude.

As this days random act of kindness, we decided to show some of this kind of love back to the woman who so easily gives it to others.

Jeremy prepared a batch of buns, and tray of cinnamon twists, and as soon as they were out of the oven, he drove Emma and Amber to "Nana's house" to deliver them.

Her recounting of the exchange that day on Facebook...
8:30 PM door bell rang and my two girlies were there with two fresh buns and some cinnamon twists and a homemade card that read "Dear Nana.I love you to the moon and back.You are the best Nana in the whole world.Happy March." I asked "Did you girls come out this time of night in your jammies just to bring me this?" Amber "Yes and to give you a hug!" A great surprise and one of the sweetest Nana memories ever!

I think I would call that a VERY successful RAK.

So grateful for her...



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

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