Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 60 - Please take our seats...

March 1

Today we celebrate Ryley getting his FIRST JOB EVER!!  We are so excited for him, so finally gave into his longstanding request to go and try Wild Wing in Beaumont.

We are a large family, so when we go out, we must get there early - usually well before the dinner hour -  to avoid standing in line for a long long time...

We had our dinner, and Ryley ordered his wings, and a great time was had by all!

We were just finishing up our dinner, and Jeremy was paying the bill, when another family entered the now full establishment, and was about to turn and leave when they saw there was no tables available.

That's when our random act of kindness muscle did it's mighty flex, and the wee-est of the family suggested that we give up our table to this hungry family!

I quickly approached them and offered our table.  I indicated we were just leaving, and that our table was theirs if they wanted it.

The new incoming patrons were so very grateful, as was the serving staff...  It is a fairly small establishment, and when the Kornel/Peter's family is seated, we take up almost half the seats...!



on behalf of the Kornel/Peter's family



Here is a shot of Ryley's first pay stub ever!  We know he will succeed in whatever he attempts!!

Way to go Ryley!!

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