Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RAK 73 Ski Trip with Amber

March 14

Over the years I have always tried to attend the school ski trips with all the kids.  They are typically a couple a year to Rabbit Hill, and for the older kids a trip to Jasper once in a while.

For this trip I was not planning to attend, I had a full plate at work and just couldn't get away.  We explained to Amber that she would have to go with out a parent this time, and she accepted (though begrudgingly). On the morning of March 14 we packed her up and made sure she had everything she needed for a great day of skiing. She was set.  She was accepting the lack of 'dad' in her day.  She was going to have fun.  But it was then, at the last minute that I was struck by a feeling that I was making a mistake, that these times and these days were numbered as she and all the kids were getting to a point where they would no longer want mom or dad with them on their ski and field trips.  So with a last minute change out of my work clothes, and an email to work, I was going skiing.

The excitement in Amber's face at hearing this news was an instant sign that this decision was right.  The snow was falling and the sun shinning and it was an incredible day of skiing and snowboarding at the hill.  I have no regrets and I know that this random act was worth every penny of lost income. A clear reminder to stay in tune with what is truly important in life.


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