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RAK 71 - Donate to help buy Dahlia House

March 12

Our very first Random Act of Kindness that kicked off our year of kind acts was to create 'Truth Cards' as a family that were hand carried to the Philippines and given to women who were either rescued from, or still trapped in the horror that is Human Trafficking. (Read about our RAK One - here)

Amber's card made this post! (it is the 16th one down)

Here is Aidan's Card hanging in the Manila Safe house.

Because this issue is huge, and on-going, we remain committed to doing whatever we can to help these women.

Melody  poignantly writes about her trip in a few post on the Blog found on the Brave Girl Website...

Click here to read ~ Part 1 - Brave Girl Human Trafficking Travel Journal  - I encourage you to read her words...

In the above post Melody tries her best to put her experience into words, as she implores us to think of these women as souls...
Her identity is not a whore. Or even a rescued whore. She is not a whore.Her identity is not a prostitute. Her identity is not a former prostitute. She is not a prostitute.Her identity is not of a product to be sold. She is not a product.She is not less than. She is the same as.She is a beautiful beautiful beautiful soul. 

She goes on to say
I am angry. I am heart broken. I am confused about how this can be happening. I have nightmares and I think about it every day. I also know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that I will never be the same after this. I am grateful, thankful, compelled…..changed. I can not stay silent and I REFUSE TO DO NOTHING….. 
and then

I just want you to imagine the most disgusting cesspool and lake of smelly, disgusting, vile, poisonous, puke inducing sewer that you could ever imagine…just imagine it for a minute…without anything attached to it….don’t think of it as an analogy…just as what it is…
Imagine that you know where it is….you know how it smells, (it is the sewer, it is stinking, rotting garbage and filth…there are flies and rats all around it) so… you know that you just want to stay as far away as possible from it………and once you know about it…you learn to. (of course) You teach your children and friends to stay away from it…you talk about how much it stinks, how poisonous it is…how much disease it is spreading…how you must do all that you can to stay away from it…….and of course…it would be great for   it to be cleaned up….but for now….just stay away….it is so gross, so smelly, so disgusting…so dangerous, so vile….so absolutely opposite from everything good and true and beautiful and healthy…..
Ok….got that picture?
Now…imagine a girl that you love more than anything that gets thrown into it. Maybe she can swim, maybe she can’t. Maybe she even decided to jump in because someone told her that if she does it for a while, she can have the life she wants to have.
But she is in there, ok?
She is treading water, or she is drowning, but she is in there.
You see… of the problems with human trafficking (specifically sex trafficking) is that we turn away when we see it…..because it is disgusting….like this lake of sewer. It is dangerous, it is smelly, it is offensive. So we make our path in a way that we can avoid being near it. We orchestrate our life so that we do not have to smell it or see it. When we do approach it…..we look for a moment and then we look away. We look away before we see the souls that are in it. We only see the sewer, we only smell the smell. We only choke on the vileness that oozes off of it, making our eyes burn. We look away before we see the soul that is drowning or treading water in it.
What if it was your daughter, or your sister, or your niece? What if it was your best friend’s daughter or sister or niece?
We have got to stop thinking the girl is part of the sewer.
We have got to stop looking away when we see the sewer….because she is in there. 

Meloody then wrote Part 2 of that post.

Click here to read ~ Melody with "Manila Part 2" - Lets help buy Dahlia House!

In the above post Melody Talks about the girls
She was young…..she had dreams… some point she started being seen as a beautiful little body instead of beautiful little soul. At some point she started being seen as a product that could bring in money….or a product to hold onto for on-demand sexual pleasure…or even just to torture. So……she was tricked. Or she was stolen. She was told that she was going to be working as a waitress or a home helper…….and it wasn’t true. She was taken somewhere where she couldn’t communicate with anyone who could help her…and even if she could have reached someone, she couldn’t have told them where she was…because she didn’t know where she was. She was threatened, put into debt, and made to feel like trash…….and then used and used and used and used and used. Each one has a different rescue story….all are incredibly brave. But each girl was a little girl who had no one making sure she was safe…no one looking out for her…..and a whole lot of powerful people using her………..

She goes on to say that the people from the organization "Wipe Every Tear" have found another location for a new Safe House that is able to accommodate MORE girls that are rescued...

She ends her post with this video...

Help buy Dahlia House...

After reading her blog posts and watching her video, I went over to the Razoo page and donated on behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family...  then went over to Facebook and encouraged all of my friends to do the same.

RAK 71 - a small part of something WAY bigger.

Sending these girls SO much Love.


On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family.



With the help of some very dedicated people, and many many just wishing to help... Enough money was raised to purchase Dahlia house!!

They are still accepting donations to help with furnishings and such...

Click here to read more.

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