Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 65 - Remembering

March 6

Today our RAK is a remembrance.  Stompin' Tom Connors was a Canadian folk music legend, and there are many in Canada who have at least one memory tied to a Stompin' Tom song.  For me it was Margo's Got the Cargo, a song that came out when I was in high school.  I had my long hair and my electric guitar and a cassette tape collection that included many AC-DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zepplin and similar artists.  So for me to go out and buy a Stompin' Tom tape was really saying something.  After hearing Margo's Cargo on Much music I was hooked, and I bought that tape, still have it to this day.  He was the real deal, a guitar and a voice and a whole lot of life experience.  Listening to Stompin' Tom actually changed the way I thought about songs and the way I wrote songs, and my acoustic guitar starting getting a lot more play time.

Like I said I am sure most of us has a Stompin' Tom story, feel free to share yours in the comments.  In the mean time please enjoy Margo's Cargo.

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