Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 61 - A minute ... to win it

March 2

So, on this Saturday, Jeremy and I spent the day representing and promoting the Beaumont Blues and Roots Festival at our town's Spring Awareness event.  This alone could probably constitute an act of kindness... But like most days, it is hard to narrow down which act we are going to capture and write about in this blog.

For this days RAK, the creative and adventurous spirits of our girls won out over the Spring Awareness Event...

Jeremy and I were exhausted after a busy work week, add to that an early Saturday morning wake up to get girls to dance, a boy to work, and then heading over to set up for the Spring Awareness...  We came home from Spring Awareness ready to veg quietly on the couch hoping that our girls would be otherwise occupied so we could let our brains rest.

They, however, had other plans.  :)

In our absence, our girls created several "Minute to win it" challenges and had huge plans of teaming up against us to compete in a family Minute to Win It championship... Kids against grown-ups...

Our knee jerk response was to decline their offer saying we were to tired to lift a muscle... but their enthusiasm and obvious preparations quickly turned our 'nos' into a 'yeses'.

We bounced tiny rubber balls into plastic cups, we threw handfuls of pencils in the air and caught them (with one hand!), flipped bottle caps, built bridges out of cards, and we even scooted across the floor on our buts on a fluffy mat trying to see who got the best time...  (the grown-ups KICKED some kid butt... or at least that's how I remember it... :) )

The prize?  Huge smiles and belly laughs...  Completely worth every minute!  ... to win it... !


on behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

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