Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RAK 80 - Ring THE CRAP out of that Bell

March 21

The first day of spring.  The symbol of new beginnings, and rejuvenation, and life.

This day also marked the end of Radiation Therapy for one of my very dearest friends.

She came, she saw, and she TOTALLY kicked some cancer ass.

Today she got to ring the bell that indicated the end of this part of her journey, and the beginning of the next... a TRUE 'DAY ONE'.

Today's RAK involves me shedding countless tears throughout the day for her...  Constant well wishes sent her way, and the standing up and clapping with tears streaming down my face as I watched the video she sent of the actual bell ringing, moments after it happened.

This girl, in her actions, exemplifies the definition of 'grace', she is adored by all those she meets, and remains a true inspiration...

Everyday I wake up feeling so grateful she is among my nearest and dearest.



On behalf of The Kornel/Peters Family

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