Monday, 29 April 2013

RAK 68 - I meet friends in unlikely places...

March 9 - On this day, Jeremy and I went for a 'date night' to a night club to hear some live music, and a few laughs.

We don't often attend this establishment unless Jeremy is playing, so it was really nice to have him in the crowd with me, instead of up on stage.

Partway through the night, I slipped off to the restroom, and found the line up excruciatingly long for my super full bladder.

The girl in line-up in front of me was in pretty much the same boat, and we stood there willing with all our might for the slow line up to move faster...

I glanced over at the unfairly near vacant men's room, grabbed the hand of my new friend, and together we took our - now dire - situation into our own hands.

The fellas were gracious and made way for us to quickly do what needed to be done, and exit.

We ended up chatting for an extended period of time after our initial exchange, and found that our spirits were meant to somehow come together.  She is an aspiring artist - as am I - and it would appear that we both have waged a similar battle against our lack of confidence in our work... She study's event management, and has been a part of planning some pretty important events for some of our Countries politicians... and I have been a part of planning an event for some of Canada's well known musicians...

As this days random act of Kindness, I reached out and helped someone ... ummm... in need... ;), and ended up with a new friend.




On behalf of The Kornel /Peters Family.

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