Tuesday, 30 April 2013

RAK 79 - Remebering the details

March 20

Sometime last year, my hairdresser needed to take a leave of absence.  No big deal ... except if you are like me, and have been going to the same girl for nearly 13 years!

I continued to go to the salon, and sought out a replacement stylist until mine returned to work.  I had tried a couple - kind of whom ever would see me when I needed to hide those pesky greys.

I love connecting with people, and when you are in the salon chair for a couple of hours, it gives you ample opportunity to chat and get to know the person who you are spending that time with.

I had a great chat one day with the girl who was coloring my hair...  She is about my age, had never married, and we had similar tastes in music.  We talked about her niece, and their plans to someday go to Paris, we talked about her new favorite painter, and her latest crush.

I started seeing a different girl on a bit more of a regular basis, as my regular stylist was not going to be returning any time soon, so I needed to just settle in with someone else.

On this day, I went to the salon to have my hair done, but who I was booked to see had some double bookings. She put my color on, but when it was done processing, she needed to have someone else wash my hair.

The girl that happened to be available was the one whom I had the lovely conversation with about six months earlier!  I called her by name, asked about her niece and their Paris fund - I shared the story of my friend recently having been there...I asked about her favorite painter, and she ran to the back to get her phone to show photos of some of his latest work.  I asked about her crush, and she had several stories about their communications, and meetings while he was in town on business...  She was SO surprised that I had remembered all the details, and was so happy to share her stories with someone who really wanted to hear them.

It was really neat to catch up with her, and I loved her excitement when she saw that I remembered all the little details.  I won't soon forget her smile...

I left the salon that day not only with freshly colored hair, but also with a happy and light heart.



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

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