Tuesday, 5 February 2013

RAK 30 - Food Bank

January 30, 2013

Day 30 was a long day where mom and dad ended up at work till 7PM!  With all that was happening the RAK was not at the forefront of our thoughts today.  I will be honest on days like this it is easy to question why we are even doing this, or to say forget it I am tired and I just want to go home.  However the dedication of Coreena is infectious and her commitment unrelenting.  We stopped on our drive home to grab a few groceries at the local Sobey's store and while shopping we were brainstorming (beating our heads!) to find come up with an RAK for the day.  It finally came to us as we paid for our groceries and prepared to head home feeling exhausted and worm out.  As we left the store I noticed the Food Bank donation bin tucked in the corner of the store by the exit ... light-bulb   We dropped our bags in the truck then headed back into the store to fill another basket with non perishables for the food bank.  We decided on a set amount we would spend and proceeded to scour the isles for the best deals in order to maximize our efforts.  We filled the basket, paid and then dropped these groceries into the Food Bank basket.

Knowing that someone will eat because we took the time to go back into the store is a great feeling.  I am certain we will make the effort more often in the future to grab a few extra items for the food bank as we go about our usual shopping.  I encourage you all to consider this effort also.



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