Tuesday, 5 February 2013

RAK 34 - Come - eat- relax

February 3

RAK 34

It is normal for us to spend Sunday's having dinner with my (Coreena) parents - or just my Mom if my dad is away...  Many a Sunday we have spent eating my mothers fabulous cooking... and then leave with leftovers and count the days to the next Sunday.

Once in a while we change things up a bit, and have them over here to our house...

This Sunday was one of those times.  After a CRAZY busy week, and a very quiet weekend, we were all pretty casual and restful in our home.  I texted Nana and invited her over before she had a chance to invite us!

We had a lovely dinner, lots of conversation, and many laughs...

yes... this is how she has taken to eating her corn...

After dinner, we sat and enjoyed a coffee, and got caught up on all the conversations we have been meaning to have for the passed few weeks.

They live so close to us, but sometimes life gets so busy we HAVE to remind ourselves to stop and take inventory of what is really important.

Everyday I wake up feeling so grateful I get to call them 'Mom and Dad'.

With gratitude...

The Kornel/Peters Family.

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