Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RAK 52 - Awknowledge a valued team member

February 21

I am not sure who reads these posts, or their backgrounds, but this RAK has to do with my line of work.

I work in the Engineering field as a Civil/Structural Design Lead in the Oil and Gas industry.  On one project specifically, we have gotten to the phase of the project that requires everything we have done thus far to be passed a senior team member for checking.  This person checks for quality, accuracy, and they ensure that we are presenting all the required and pertinent information so what we are designing can actually be fabricated and constructed in the real world.

This process is a little nerve wracking, and sometimes a little hard on the spirit to have your hard work critiqued, picked apart and rearranged... but none the less, an important part of our process.

On this day, amidst rushing, mark-ups, redlines, and changes, I made a special effort to shed my defensiveness and acknowledge the checkers efforts.  I thanked him for 'making it right', and told him I appreciated his contributions to our project.

In an office filled to the brim with testosterone, sometimes it is hard for anyone to be vulnerable and accept the suggestions of others.  Over the years, I have always found that when we choose to let go of our egos, be humble, and to look through reasonable eyes, the end result of our collaborative efforts is always something everyone can be proud of.



On behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family


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