Sunday, 17 February 2013

RAK 37 - Change is Good

February 6, 2013

RAK 37

This is truly a random act that certainly couldn't have been planned or expected.  Keep in mind also that the K-P household is currently running on a reduced budget as we try to get back on track following my January layoff.   So it was a typical quick stop at the Sobey's for a few groceries (there is a trend growing with our RAK's and Sobey's hmmm ... coincidence I assure you).  I had just over $100 worth of groceries when I went to pay, and I was paying with cash.  Not to berate the clerk, it was nearly close and I am sure it had been a busy shift. However there was an input / counting error and some bills were counted as though they were other bills and when I should have received change of $2 and some change I was handed $52 and change.  Sure the thought crossed my mind to put it in my pocket and make a quick exit.  But despite my financial struggles and many uses I could have for an extra $50 I made the choice to correct the clerk, explain they mistake, and return the extra cash.  Not sure what the repercussions would have been to that clerk or to the store, but I do not I slept easier that night knowing I did the right thing and probably saved that kid from some stress and explaining to the manager at closing.


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