Sunday, 24 February 2013

RAK 46 - For you ... from me ... for reals.

February 15, 2013

So here we are the day after Valentines Day.  The Kornel/Peters Family has been feeling a little of the budget crunch as we readjust to Jeremy's recent employment changes. 

Being the amazing guy he is, he got a little creative and gave me THE BEST Valentines gift EVER.(click here - it still makes me cry).

The fact that I didn't have a Valentine's gift for him, was something that bothered me quite a bit.

So, for RAK 46, I got busy...


And - for the first time EVER - I made HIM something...

'King Jeremy the wicked ruled his world' - Pearl Jam

finished product...

... it is black... despite what this picture says... :)

Looks AWESOME on him... and maybe even a little 'bad a$$'

It is a small token, and it pales in comparison to the stuff he does for me every. single. day.  But it is significant because of all the pieces I have created over the years, I have never created anything for him. - well, except for a couple of babies... :)

But, this RAK is dedicated to him, this amazing guy whom I get to wake up next to every day.



on behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family

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