Sunday, 17 February 2013

RAK 40 - Yes, to ANOTHER sleepover...

February 9

RAK 40 - Oi... ANOTHER sleep over... ok....

With so many people living in our home ... and the fact that our children often have friends here as well... Our home gets pretty busy.

We have some rules regarding "sleep overs"...  I put that in quotes because we have learned over the years, with all these kids... that string of words... "sleep over" ... in itself... is a lie.  They don't sleep.  They don't.  They go on over to each others houses and they laugh and they talk and they hang out, and they watch movies, and they eat junk food... but they don't "sleep"...  They do everything but sleep.  IF they manage to close their eyes for a bit, they always wake up WAY earlier than they would on a normal school day... so they can get some more chatting and giggling, and movie watching in before they are forced to part ways by their "Oh so mean Mom's."

In our home... the smiles and moods of the wee ones are directly related to the number of hours slept.

As a rule, we do not allow back to back sleep overs...  Mostly for my sanity... :)

Our girls Emma and Amber, have a pair of friends - also sisters - who are their same exact ages  ... in their same exact grades... and the four of them get along beautifully, and often have sleep over all together.

On their last sleepover they were to go to their friends home... Emma wasn't feeling well, and chose to stay home and sleep...  She must have been really sick to pass up on the opportunity...

So, the next day, when the four of them schemed up the idea of a sleep over re-do so Emma could partake in the fun...  We took a deep breath, and allowed a deviation to our rule.  We listened to giggling and chatting and playing of these kindred spirits having so so much fun.

It was COMPLETELY worth the crankiness we had to deal with the next day!


Coreena and Jeremy

on behalf of the Kornel/Peters family

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