Tuesday, 5 February 2013

RAK 33 - A Day of Rest

February 2

RAK 33... Saturday, for some it is a day of rest and relaxation, a day to catch up on some personal activities, or a day to read a book.  When you have 5 kids however Saturdays are FULL of running around to various activities and putting many miles on the car.  Our Saturdays include driving a 16 year old to work at 8:00 am, returning in time to drive one girl to her Ballet class, then home for a quick coffee before it is time to pick her up, feed them then get the littlest one ready for her ballet class and on and on and on.  Through play dates, birthday parties, swimming, skiing, movies, laundry, house cleaning and other activities into the mix and Saturdays leave us longing for Monday so we can go to work and relax!

For RAK 33 I made the choice to get up and get moving bright and early and rather than bringing C her morning cup of coffee to get moving, and splitting up the running around.  I chose to quietly close the bed room door, asked the kids to keep the noise level down so this woman who gives so much could simply just rest.  When she did wake I was there with her coffee and gave her the choice of spending the day how she needed to in order to regain some peace in her mind and in her heart.  The day involved some rest, a few naps, some dvd's together and some time to herself.  I was happy to be up and running with the kids knowing that the person who I admire most was finding some rest and some peace ... and saving up the energy to get through another week!


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