Tuesday, 5 February 2013

RAK 32 - Mail a note to random people around town

RAK 32

February 1 - Mail a notes to random people around town...

Today, we did something a little crazy...  We wrote seven cards, one for each member of our family... and sent them to random addresses around our town!

We picked the addresses off Google Maps, so we didn't even have names to put on the cards...!

We started each card off with "Dear Random Person"  ... and spread a little happiness with seven different messages from our hearts to theirs.

Dear Random Person...

We looked up postal codes and sent them off...


We included this blog address on the bottom of the cards, so hopefully a recipient or two will stop by here and let us know the messages have been received...!
We hope we brought a smile to the face of those whom received the cards, and we sincerely hope it encouraged them to pay it forward...
The world would be so much more beautiful if everyone were a little more kind. 
Sending love
The Kornel/Peters Family

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