Sunday, 17 February 2013

RAK 38 - Cleanliness Kindness

February 7

In our busy world it is so easy to turn a blind eye to the simple things that we can change.  To ignore a small thing and continue on our way.  Today's RAK is small, likely went unnoticed and wont change the world, but it is something and it hopefully made the world a tiny bit better.   I have been working in an office with about 60+ people and there is a public washroom (of course).  I noticed that it is common by the afternoon for the counters to be come quiet wet.  People wash then and in reaching from the sink to the soap and paper towels they drip water on the counters.  I am sure I do it too.  Today I looked at that and thought wow this is not appealing at all, in such a nice clean facility and people are just not taking any effort to maintain it on an ongoing basis, expecting I suppose that the janitors will take care of it at the end of the day or not even noticing what is happening.

Today after washing I took 2 minutes and a bunch of paper towel and wiped up the excess water.  What a difference it made.  A simple act that makes the facility more appealing (less disgusting)  to those who follow.  The RAK didn't not end with one wipe of some water, I have made a commitment to make this my routine from now on.  Wiping the counter each time I use the washroom.  Hope it helps.

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