Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RAK 51 - A Heartfelt Thanks

February 20

A couple years ago Coreena mentioned an online class she wanted to take.

"You want to take a class online, yeah sure why not" was my response (or something along those lines).  Little did I realize the lasting life changing effect it would have not only on Coreena, but on our family, our relationship and even my life.

It was the Brave Girls club that she signed up for.  What I thought was an online art class turned out to be this amazing community of women from all walks of life around the world who come together through the common goal of wanting to live the best life they can possibly live.

Coreena has since taken all the online classes that have been offered. Learning to create amazing works of art while at the same time becoming and amazing work of life.  I have watched as Coreena has overcome emotional obstacles that have held her back her whole life.  I have witnessed her shedding the chains that have held her back. And I have seen her grow in her confidence and love for herself.  The biggest changes following her two trips to the Brave Girl camp in Idaho.  Through the Brave girls Coreena now has this amazing network of friends throughout the world in which to confide, share and lean.

The effects of all this have been felt throughout our whole family.  As we all learn from Coreena and strive to be our own best selves with her encouragement, strength and support.  Personally I know for a fact that because of Coreena I have achieved some goals that previously seemed unbelievable and I have gone on to set new bigger exciting goals.  And I attribute much of this to the Brave Girls club and the lessons learned through Coreena.  I am not going to lie, I have said the words "I wish I could be a brave girl" to Coreena.

So where does the RAK come into play?  For this day I spent sometime writing an email expressing my thanks to the leaders of Brave Girls club for all that community has done for my wife, my family and myself.   A small token of appreciation for a group of people that has truly changed our lives.


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