Thursday, 10 January 2013

RAK 10 - Post a letter to loved ones far away

RAK 10 - Post (as in mail!) a letter to loved ones far away...

letter?  what's a letter?

In this day and age of instant communication and modern convenience I believe we have all but forgotten the lost art of letter writing.  What were we before text messages, email, and Facebook Chat?  How did we figure out how to properly spell a word before there were spell checkers?  Stationary...? with matching envelopes...?  YES there was a time when many people, besides Martha Stewart, used them on a regular basis.

Haha... Ladies... remember when we used to first spray the paper with perfume so the person receiving our letters would could catch a quick whiff of our signature smell?  Fellas... do you remember getting such a letter?

Today's random act of kindness was to resurrect this lost art, and for our family to sit and handwrite a letter to a far away family member we don't often see.  Just a small token of our love that requires a little more effort than hovering over the 'send' button and clicking the mouse.

What we learned...

  • that pens and pencils are scarce in our house!
  • that none of us can spell worth a darn, and we rely quite heavily on the spell checker
  • that the person receiving the message may not be able to decipher our varying degrees of mis-spelled words and chicken scratch...   :)
  • and that the ability to organize ones thoughts before putting pen to paper is requires practice when there is no backspace key.
We hope to have more letter writing in our future.

Sending love
The Kornel Peters Family

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