Tuesday, 8 January 2013

RAK 5 - Listening up

January 5th - Listening up.

Music is pretty important to me.  There is music present in all that I do whether it is external or the songs in my head, music is always there.  Driving my vehicle is definitely one time where I like my music, and I like specific music for the mood I am in (or want to be in). While I know others including my wife and 'nana' cater to the passengers and let them pick the music for the drive, I typically encourage (force) my passengers to be enlightened by my personal listening choice of the day.

On Saturday I drove the boy (Josh) to the doctor in the city. I ran into a drug store before coming home and while he waited, he plugged his iphone into the car and listened to his music (typically not what I would choose ... like father like son).  On my return he scrambled to unplug and put my ipod back on and I stopped and suggested that he could just listen to his music for the drive.

I am pretty sure he was happy to share his System of a down and other choices with me for the drive... and I was happy to hear and check out some stuff I hadn't heard before.

Opening the mind.  Sharing the airwaves.  And paying attention.  That was my RAK for day 5.


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