Wednesday, 9 January 2013

RAK 9 - Do something kind for someone who is doing something huge to help others...

January 9, Helping someone who is doing something huge to help others...

I have a friend who one day decided she was going to raise money by shaving her head for a cause... Shave. Her. Head...  wow.

Our family has done many things to raise money for cancer, but I can honestly say, I have never been brave enough to shave my head.

Today's random act of kindness was directing people to this fundraising page... (click here)

The money from this fundraising will directly benefit kids with life threatening illnesses.

Edmonton Hair Masacure
A headshave allows us to understand one small component of cancer - hair loss. Children's hair loss often results in a weakened self esteem. Our aim is to inspire every man, woman and child to recognize the urgency of the decline in health in our youth and make necessary steps in making a difference.
"It is no longer about cancer killing kids….It's about kids killing cancer!"

I will also be contributing $50 to this fundraising campaign, but I will increase that amount by $1 for every person who leaves a comment on this post or who becomes a 'follower' of our blog from now until Saturday January 12th! (eek... until my own funds run out!! :) )

If you are able to donate yourself that is AWESOME...  Every little bit helps!  If you cannot donate at this time, please keep Charissa and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our family is certainly no stranger to Cancer. We have witnessed many people we love battle this disease.  This RAK is dedicated to those who have fought cancer, for those who are fighting, and for those who have yet to.

<3 <3 <3
The Kornel/Peters Family

In the mean time, go on out and participate in your own Random Act of Kindness...!


Update:  Today when I got home from work, and sat to eat a quick dinner before a family outing, I was inundated by chatter from Emma (10) and Amber (8) at the individual  Random Acts of Kindness they were able to accomplish today.  

Emma went down our street after school today setting up all the garbage cans that had been knocked over and left in shambles after the garbage truck made its rounds.  She wanted to push the garbage cans back to their respective houses, but had trouble manoeuvring them in the snow, and was worried she might not put them pack in exactly the right places.

Amber was able to help a friend during recess that had fallen down and hurt herself during recess.  

My kids are off and running with this whole kindness thing...! <3  


  1. Though I personally am not a fan of people shaving their heads as an act of solidarity, donating to charity is never a bad thing. Speaking as someone who may one day directly benefit from donations made to cancer charities, thank you.

  2. I am so proud to be your friend Coreena...this is so awesome! You took this idea to a great new level...maybe some other families will read this and do the same. You and your sweet family are making the world a better place! Thank you all for that...I do believe kindness is such a powerful thing! Way to go Kornel/Peters Family! YOU ROCK!!!
    Kelly xoxo