Thursday, 17 January 2013

RAK 16 - You are COMPLETELY rocking your 40's.

January 16,

January 16 th is a special day...  Since the beginning of time - haha - ok so maybe only the last 41 years it has been "Sheri" Day...  :)

Sheri is one of my - what people now a days refer to as - BFF's.  We went to high school together, but never really hung out until our college days.  Funny though, because after we chatted a bit, we came to realize that we knew each other as children, and our parents were friends from way back!  It's like our friendship was waiting for us all those years...  Serendipitous really.

There are four of us from High School that have remained BFF's through the years.  Sheri, Tracy, Stacy and I have been friends longer than we have been wives and mothers.  We were each others bridesmaids, and were among the first to hold each other's newborn babies.  We have be through divorce, loss of a parents, loss of a siblings and even cancer together. We have cried together, we have laughed together, and we have laughed so hard we cried together.  Everyday I open my eyes grateful that I get to call these fantastic ladies my nearest and dearest.

January 16th is Sheri Day.  The day the world became a little brighter because a blond headed beautiful baby girl was brought into it to go on out there and make up her own rules as she went along.  We completely adore you for your unfaltering ability to stick up for what is right, for your light heart, your free spirit, your love of life, and yes, lovely girl, even for your abhorrence for lemon.

Although I always recognize Sheri's birthday, today, the Kornel/Peter's family went a little further than usual and had a bouquet of flowers delivered to her at her home as our RAK #16.

We love you Sheri, and hope that you felt cherished and loved on your special day.  you ARE COMPLETELY rocking your 40's.

Lots of Love

The Kornel/Peters Family

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