Tuesday, 22 January 2013

RAK 20 - Post IT!

January 20,

RAK 20

Well, it appears High School Exam Week is upon us.  For us, they started bright and early Monday, Jan 21 and run until the middle of next week.

For our 20th RAK, we armed ourselves with some colorful Post It notes, a Sharpie, and our head to toe winter gear (it was -30 degrees C/ -20 degrees F) and went for a walk (a really fast walk) to the High School in our town...

our messages...

We left our messages for the Students to find when they got there the next morning...

While the 'afraid to color outside the lines' members of our family were a little hesitant and nervous about the security cameras, the 'free spirited' family members posted the notes with vigor... Making sure they were good and stuck.

It was such a good experience for us all...  The little girls were so happy to think that they would brighten the days of the friends and school mates of their big brothers.

Ryley came home to report that the notes remained in place for the entire day!

RAK # 20 - a COMPLETE success... 

With Much Love

The Kornel/Peters Family

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