Tuesday, 15 January 2013

RAK 15 - After you, no After YOU

January 15

Day 15's challenge .... let someone in line ahead of you.  A simple act of letting others go first whenever we are in line ups today.

My first chance to put this into action today was the bottle depot.  The depot was crazy busy today, I had trouble finding a spot to park! And to top it off I had a truck load, 15 cases and a bunch of bags of cans and bottles from the Christmas season. So I trudged through the slushy parking lot load after load until I finally had my mountain inside the building and in the line up ready for the next spot to open up.  After a short wait another couple people finished up and there was one 'spot' open to start sorting and counting my bottles for me. Time to put the RAK into action. There was one other person waiting behind me, he had less than I and was patiently waiting and chatting about the warm weather we are having here.  When they called me up I stood aside and said "why don't you go first".  He resisted.  I insisted. And away he went to the counter to get his bottle refund.

I felt good, he was surprised and happy to be out of there quickly. So operation "after you" was a success. Now to see how the rest of the family fared...


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