Monday, 21 January 2013


January 19
First off, i am lazy and i don't like to run around too much for too long. I enjoy sitting at home playing guitar, piano, watching tv and hanging with my family. I don't like trudging through snow up to my knees. But everyday my sisters are bored and want to go sledding or play ps3 with me and i usually say no because i am into what i'm doing. But today i woke up and i felt happy. I woke up, eyes wide with a smile on my face. So with good spirits and no questions asked i walked out of my room and said "Mom, i'm going to take the girls sledding at Bellevue." And she looked at me completely dumbfounded. So I walked downstairs while they were playing wii and i said "well are we going sledding or what?!" and they both looked at me and ran upstairs and got their snow pants and jackets on before i could even get up the stairs. We grabbed our sleds and ran out the door yelling "TEAM AWESOME!!"(this is what we say because the members of team awesome are all awesome) It was a warm day and we stayed out there for hours sliding down the hill and walking back up again countless times. Today will be an early bedtime for me(maybe later than i'd hope because my friend is coming over) and happy thoughts in the morning. 



  1. WoW! Now I"M tearing up! Ryley you have a good heart and a GREAT writing style... Keep writing I WANT to read more from inside your Head!!!