Monday, 14 January 2013

RAK 13 - Support someone who dared to follow their dream.

Jan 13 - Support someone who dared to go after their dream.

I am not sure who is even reading these posts, or following this blog...  But for those who don't know, I work in the Engineering field as a Civil/Structural Designer.  I am a woman.  Because I chose my career with my own free will, you won't hear me go on and on about how hard it is being a woman in a male dominated world.  I knew what i was getting into, and still took the plunge.  But, please allow me to say, that there have been some skin thickening experiences along the way that have certainly strengthened my character.

I had, what I can easily refer to as a mentor, for many years at a previous place of employment.  This woman was a wonderful mother, an extremely loving grandmother, a supportive wife, and was a fantastic designer.  We shared other interests outside of work, and there was never a shortage of topics to chat about.  She taught me so much, not only about Structural design, but about sticking up for yourself, about how to get stuff done when you feel no one is taking you seriously, and even about how to be a step-mom when I felt I was sucking at that....

I loved working with her.  But, she had fulfilled her financial requirements at a fairly early age, and was able to retire to a lovely home on a beautiful lake in BC.  We still keep in touch, and she is diligent about including me on the distribution of her hilarious family newsletter update every Christmas. 

But still she inspires me.  She has always had a dream of being a writer.  I can't tell you how 'over-the-moon' I was for her when I received an email announcing her very first PUBLISHED poem and cover art. (click here).

Today's RAK was purchasing the book that contains her poem.  When I receive the book know that it will occupy a very special place on my bookshelf as a symbol of what it looks like when you dare to go after your dreams.  (in case you didn't know, I have MANY dreams :) )

Wishing you every success KR. You truly remain an inspiration. <3

Much Love

now... all of you, go on out and do your own Random Act of Kindness...  post about it here if you wish, I would absolutely LOVE to read them.


  1. you made my eyes leak...
    I thank my blessings every day CK and you- well, you definitely count among them.
    Thanks for supporting me and thanks for creating this amazing blog which fills those of us who read it with warm fuzzy feelings of goodness and satisfaction that one little drop of love and kindness leads to a giant ocean of love. We're all connected.
    love you-

  2. My book came in the mail last night! I LOVE your contribution. All connected indeed.

    love you right back...