Wednesday, 9 January 2013

RAK 6 - Helping one you love

January 6 - Helping one you love.

I (Coreena) come from one of those big beautiful families.  My mom is one of 13 children.  In my daily life, when I talk about experiences I have had, things I have done, or people that I know I am often leading the story with a "My cousin...." or "I have an Aunt that..." Everyday I feel grateful for being a part of this amazing group of people I get to call 'Family'.

A few of us cousins and second cousins are near the same age, and have gotten quite close over the years.  I certainly consider them friends, but they have actually become more like sisters to me.  This RAK pertains to one of these cousin/sister/friends.

My cousin/sister/friend Tracey is one of 'those' people who just loves easily.  There is little she wouldn't do for those she loves... and quite honestly, she truely loves everyone!  I feel a little inadequate saying a member of her family was the recipient of RAK #6 because it kind of pails in comparison to the amazing things she does daily for those around her!  Those who know her can attest to this.

Tracey has three fantastic children.  The littlest is 6 and her name is Sammy.  Sammy is this firecracker of a little girl.  She is a total free spirit, and she exemplifies one who 'marches to the beat of her own drum.'  Whenever I am around Sammy, she makes me smile, as I know one day, when she is unleashed upon the world... it will be forever changed.

On January 6th, our family met Tracey's family at the local ski hill for a day of family skiing.  Tracey and her husband do not ski, so Sammy and her brother were all set to ski with our family.  At her mom's insistence, Sammy was required to take a lesson (she has skied before, as her brother pretty much lives at the hill!)  After her lesson, and her repeated successful attempts maneuvering the bunny hill, I decided I (in my limited skiing ability) with the help of my girls, would take her up on the chairlift to a longer runs.

She was fearless, and she managed so well, we did it several more times that afternoon.  We could be seen making our way to chairlifts and tow ropes with her being pulled merrily along by holding on to the end of my poles.

We had SUCH a lovely day, I truely look forward to the next time she gets to join us.  I am quite sure she brightened our day as much or more than we brightened hers.  I LOVED the smiles on all the faces at the end of that day.


The Kornel/Peters Family

Update:  There are times when you do something nice for someone and know you have made a difference because you can see the smiles, feel the gratidude, and hear the chatter...  But sometimes, ok... Mosttimes I suspect, there is someting bigger going on that you don't alway see right away.  This is one of those times.

Tracey and her family are in trying to decide whether they should move to a different house in a different town so husband/dad is able to be home every night.  Tracey's son Langdon (14) is really resistant to this idea, and is not at all excited about leaving his school and his friends.  "He has been afraid of leaving the safety and security of his place in the world." 

Tracey has let me know that in the time following our 'ski day' her son, for the first time, "feel there was hope and possibilities of new beginnings."

So I guess on huge lesson we will take away from this random act of kindess is that sometimes, we accidently touch the hearts of people without even realizing it.  I suspect, armed with that knowledge and awareness, we will go about our daily routines just a little bit different tomorrow.  <3 <3

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  1. That is awesome about Langdon! When we moved our son was 14 also and had the same feelings as him. I told him I don't like change either. That I would rather you learn about it with us than try to do it on your own when you leave our house. That made sense to took him a few months but by the time we did move, he was ok. Blessings to your family!