Thursday, 3 January 2013

RAK 3 - YAY Coffee!

January 3, Day three...!

Today we decided to do a Random act of Kindness through Coffee...  I know, it doesn't score any points for originality :)...

We did the classic "Leave a $50 gift card at the drive thru" move, and hope that we helped kick start a few peoples day with a fabulous dose of Starbucks ... and a smile.  Maybe a few of them were inspired to pay it forward.  (We are crossing our fingers over here.)

We love our coffee and are so pleased to spread our love one cup at a time.

Until tomorrow...


The Kornel/Peters Fam.

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  1. Hi there, I'm a reporter with Metro Edmonton and I'm interested in talking to your family about what you're doing. I think it's great! I sent you a FB message Coreena... so maybe check that if you can! Otherwise can you touch base with me at or 780 701 0346? Thanks so much!

    Heather McIntyre
    Features Journalist
    Metro Edmonton