Thursday, 17 January 2013

RAK 17 - Everyday I'm Shovelin'

RAK Day 17 January 17th

Let me start by telling you my thoughts on shoveling snow.  I f*cking HATE it.  Seriously, I don't like the cold, I don't like pushing it, lifting it, throwing it.  I REALLY don't like when the shovel gets stopped suddenly by one of the cracks in the sidewalk and the shovel handle nearly impales my spleen.  And lets not even talk about the wind blowing 50% of the shovel full back into my face.  I am not looking for any sympathy, my issues with the snow are far reaching and I am considering therapy for them.  But perhaps this gives you more insight into why this was truly a random act of kindness.

As I am still temporarily between jobs I have the great pleasure of driving my daughter to school in the morning (ok I'd rather be in bed but she begs!).  Upon returning home today I decided I should tackle the 2+ inches of fresh snow that had fallen over night.  With gloves on and a grumpy attitude about it, I set for to clear the snow starting with the sidewalk in front of our house.  The 65ft wide lot quickly losing some of its appeal.  I cleared our section leaving a crisp sharp line at the property line on each side.  Then the idea struck me.  How great would I feel if I woke up, or came home and didn't have to push that shovel.  And with that I set forth to clear the sidewalk in front of our neighbors to the west.  Hmmm that felt good.  But we have another neighbor, and I can't play favorites, so lets keep going.  Soon the neighbor to the east had a clear walk in front of his house also (I didn't realize how much wider his lot really is :)  ). Now to tackle my drive way, another 750 sq. ft of snow, oh joy.  By the end of this my energy level was up, my crankiness nearly gone, and though I was panting and ready for the couch and a coffee I decided then and there that my neighbors needed the full shovel-free-day experience.  And I set forth to clear their driveways and front walks also.

My coffee and couch were well earned today, and I have a peaceful sense of good to carry me through my day.  No one saw what I did, no one will know it was me, and I am glad for that.  I just hope that the neighbors had a slightly better day because of my shoveling.

Now I am ready for spring!

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