Thursday, 31 January 2013

RAK 27 - Shopping Cart

January 27, 2013

Random acts are hard to find and especially so on lazy Sunday's where we don't leave the house.  While a quiet day at home was much needed ... and deserved, the RAK was still required late in the evening.  That was remedied with a trip to the local grocery store for some dinner supplied and supplies for the coming week.  While heading back to my truck with an arm load of groceries I spotted the mom of our girlies best friends as she was unloading her buggy load into her vehicle.  I stopped for a quick help, not wanting to linger too long in the cold temperatures.  As I said my hello I noted that she was taking the last of her groceries from her cart.  With that I wished her a good day and I proceeded to take her cart back across the lot to the cart storage shack.  I think she was definitely surprised by this random act as she got into her warm car and thanked me.  I was warmed by the effects of doing something small for someone else.  And that was day 27 ... a great family day and a great little RAK.


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