Wednesday, 9 January 2013

RAK 7 - Kindness Kindness everywhere

January 7

Today was a collage of goodness coming from our family.  We didn't set out the day with any RAK intentions, so we all just played it by ear, and saw what the day brought for us:

You can do it!!

I (Coreena) passed a co-worker in the hallway at the end of the day on Monday and we stopped to chat.  During that chat I learned that she was nearing the end of her first 'smoke-free' workday!  This girl had smoked for 14 years, and decided that 2013 was the year she would quit.

I have never smoked, so I can't speak from experience at all at how challenging this decision is, but I have witnessed many people around me struggle with freeing themselves from that addiction.  My RAK for that day was to go to her desk while she wasn't there, and leave her an anonymous note of encouragement that said "You can do it!"  in the form of a Brave Girls Club PASS IT ON card.  (I think she knows it was me:) )

She has told me that she keeps the card near her to remind her that yes, she can in fact do it!

Mr. Nice Guy

RAK's do not to be anything big an extravagant. Nor do they need to cost a bunch of money or result in any big effort.  My day 7 included making an effort during my daily commute to let people merge in front of me.  Traffic was especially heavy, first day back for a lot of people.  And I spent a long time waiting in lines of traffic.  It would have been easy to be frustrated and not leave any gaps for others to merge.  But I made an intentional effort to let people merge in front of me.  Even the ones the passed everyone hoping to get ahead in the line.  Something small.  Hope if took some f the driving stress away from a fellow motorist.


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