Sunday, 27 January 2013

RAK 25 - Thanks Teach...

January 25 - RAK #25a - Thanks Teach...

There are five children in our family...  From where Jeremy and I sit, that is an absolute blessing. 

We are grateful every day for our healthy kids and for the wonderful things they bring into our lives.  We appreciate them for their individuality, we cherish them for their kind and loving hearts, we honor them for their contributions to this world, and we just plain love them for their mistakes.

Because we are a blended family, not all of our children have the same exact genetic make-up, but all of them contain the very best parts of both of us...  That does not mean that they posses only our strengths, because they do also posses our weaknesses, but, to us, that makes them perfectly imperfect... and that makes us functionally dysfunctional :)

Because there are five of them, and both Jeremy and I work out side of the home, we are not shy to say that we DO NOT do this 'kid raising' thing alone.  My 'Oh so helpful' Mom is for sure a huge part of how we manage...  But the unsung heroes in our lives are most certainly our children's teachers.  They are monumental in helping us to shape these little humans into contributing member's of society, not only in terms of education, but certainly in terms of real life lessons.

As today's RAK we delivered Tim Horton's coffee to the staffroom of our Children's Middle School.

The receptionist was so very grateful and happy to pass it on to the staffroom.

Thank you to all the teachers who have provided our Children with a safe and fun place to thrive.

Forever grateful

The Kornel/Peters Family.

RAK #25 b - Message for you!

Today was a Special day.  Some members of our family were interviewed for the daily news program 'Alberta Primetime'.  They contacted us after reading a newspaper story covering our RAK365 commitment.   When we were done, as a celebration, we stopped off at Indigo.  While we were there, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to do another Random Act of Kindness.

When it was time to leave the store, we went over and picked a random book off the shelf, and inserted a 'Pass it on' card from the Brave Girls Club on a random page, and put it back onto the shelf...

Never ever ever give up.

We hope that whomever purchases this book and finds this card knows to not ever give up.

Now go on out there and spread your own kindness... <3

The Kornel/Peters Family

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