Thursday, 3 January 2013

RAK 2 - We love you nana

Our nana is awesome.  We are so lucky we get to live near her.  She does so much for us.
  • She takes us to music class
  • She takes us to dance class
  • She takes us for pedicures 
  • She bakes with us
  • She makes us happy
  • She's awesome
  • She makes us laugh
  • She is really good at loving us

On January 2nd we went to her house and 
  • We helped her by crawling underneath her stairs to pull out boxes for her Christmas decorations
  • We helped her make lunch
  • We cleaned up after lunch and we made her sit down and relax well we did  
It was fun to do something for someone without being told and seeing their reaction.  I think nana was pretty surprised that we did that. 
                                                                        Emma and Amber

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