Friday, 11 January 2013

RAK 11 - Shhhh! It's a secret... ~ Falling Together~

January 11

Well, I cannot yet post today's RAK yet because it is a bit of a surprise... It is killing me to stay quiet, but please check back in a few days... I will even have some photos!

Aidan is with us today, and she is happy to report that she helped a friend of hers find a lost text book!! Wahoo!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

(January 22)

Well, we had to wait for the snail mail on this one, but I think it is finally safe to post...

On January 10, Jeremy was laid off from his job.  It was unexpected, but after the initial onset of panic, both he and I summoned up our reserves of positive energy, and were determined to NOT let this bring us down.  Together, after a few tearful conversations, we decided "We will figure it out."

Just before bed, I had changed my Facebook status to:

When I saw the last comment, and the dear person who posted it, I KNEW this had to be the 11th RAK, and set to work as soon as I got home.

Falling Together

Pounded, stained, painted and stitched

Made with SO much love.

... I promptly mailed it, and hope that when she opened it, it made her smile.

Sending so much love,

(on behalf of the Kornel/Peters Family)

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