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RAK 21... To Conquer Every Mountain Shown...

January 21

RAK 21

This past November I had the privilege of spending some time with a group of PHENOMENAL women. We were a group comprised of women from all different walks of life, converging without judgment or pretense, but with hearts wide open and ready to completely love and accept each other. The amazing thing about Brave Girls Camp and the Brave Girls Club, is that it provides women from all over the world a way to meaningfully and artfully move forward on their own individual paths.  Camp specifically is a safe place to rest, restore, and simply be you.  The cool thing, is that you end up unconditionally loving every single person there...  This is the Brave Girl way.

All of the ladies I have met at these retreats have left a lasting impression.  This RAK pertains to the lovely lady who sat directly across from me in the art barn.  She is this smiling, peaceful, wise, beautiful, and incredibly talented mom of three 20 something aged girls. I will call her 'June' - only because she told stories of trying to do her housecleaning in a polka dot dress, full make up, high heels, pearl necklace, and an up do- because that is how June Clever did it! She had us all giggling at her description because she told a great story... And we could all completely visualize the out of place hair and the disheveled aftermath of a day of vigorous cleaning in her stilettos.

Well, one day, 'June' shed her heels, got real, and decided it was time to go out there and live the life she was meant to live - and never looked back. She put on her hiking boots and dared to think... What if... What if ....  WHAT IF.

For the last few months 'June' has been packing, training, and planning to realize her dream of hiking the freaking Appellation Trail! In the spring, she will start her 3500 km (2200 miles) (!!!!) hike across 14 states, through the Appellation Mountains... And she will finish her hike 5 to 6 months later... Did you see the part that I wrote up there^^^ about her having three 20 something aged daughters? This woman is ah-ma-zing!

As our 21st RAK, I mailed to her a little doll I found in the airport in Idaho.

She is attached to a key chain so 'June' can either take her with for encouragement, or leave her at home for a reminder of what she had accomished...

The message in the bottom seemed it was written just for her!

As we all said out tearful goodbyes on the last day of Camp, 'June' in all of her grace said "when we go back into life and face the struggles and obstacles in our way, KNOW that I am out there climbing that mountain for all of us."

You are such an inspiration sweet 'June'.  I can only hope Intrepid reminds you that you are loved and support by MANY..

I am sending you so much love and and positive energy...  and know that WE are cheering loud and proud from Canada.


Coreena on behalf of
The Kornel/Peters Family.

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